who dreams big, can do bigger.”

“We impart education and train paramedical science, nursing and optometry students to make them competent for industries by providing all sorts of educational resources including experienced KIIMS Dehradun faculties, excellent subject explanation, and practical learning surroundings.” Providing education in the right direction is extremely important for a successful and rising career.

KIIMS Dehradun is committed to delivering quality education in a wide range of fields like Information  BPT, B.Sc Optometry, B.Sc Medical Microbiology, etc.

We at KIIMS Dehradun believe in learning and not in just getting a degree or certificate required for a job. When students truly understand the fields they are in, they get various job opportunities in their field. Being the best paramedical college in India, our objective is to make students prepared to strive for the market along with the required training skills, Personality development sessions, Industrial visits, and much more which not only give the vision of their future life but also make them prepare to overcome the field of life.

I am delighted to welcome learners who thrive for success, education, and a bright future.

Er.Joginder Singh Arora

Campus Chairman


Equiry for Kingston Imperial Institute Dehradun Scholarship