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Celebrating 22+ years, The Kartar Education & Culture Society was established 21 years ago in Dehradun. A society that has made a distinctive and substantial contribution to the advancement of contemporary education.

We want to create well-rounded, in-demand graduates and postgraduates as a modern and connected learning destination. Being the top medical college in dehradun, our creative and timely programs, involvement with business, industry, and communities, and dedication to learning, teaching, and research that educate students for our rapidly changing global environment have earned us recognition. Dehradun’s Kingston Imperial Institute wants to become a recognized, influential institution on a global scale. In order to mould future world leaders, we will provide a curriculum and access to a wide range of student experiences.


At Kingston, The Best Medical Science Institute in Dehradun. We are passionate about improving the life chances of our students by assisting them in making the most of their educational opportunities and providing them with the future knowledge and skills required in the demanding workplace of the twenty-first century.

The goal of Kingston Imperial Institute, a non-profit college in Dehradun, is to offer students in a particular program a practical education based entirely on academic excellence, hence enhancing their employability. Kingston stands as the Best Medical Science Institute in Dehradun. By fostering a culture of academic rigor, practical learning, and professional development, the institute empowers students to make meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare while realizing their full potential as healthcare professionals.

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A reputation for excellence:
It’s the excellent academic reputation of KINGSTON IMPERIAL that makes it stand out. We help a student inculcate the necessary skills required to cope with the fast-paced workplace scenario. Wherever your career path takes you after your degree, the skills and experience you’ll gain at KINGSTON will assure you a brighter future. KINGSTON is the best medical college in Dehradun and its strong reputation is reflected in the outstanding caliber of the academicians who teach and research here.

Students are the one who makes this institute stand out differently. Our continuous effort is to make our students all-rounder and valuable individuals. The courses they study with us are designed by the Central and State Government Universities to make sure that their knowledge-acquiring process is vast and they are able to take lead in applying it to develop their own futures as well as those of others. What’s important, of course, is not just knowing, but also having the skills to make the best possible use of that knowledge and KINGSTON specializes in creating learning opportunities that help one develop his personal and professional skills to an advanced level.

Being able to analyze and solve a problem that may require you to work with what you already know, and to find new information from a range of areas and sources.
Understanding when you need to call other specialists in, and understanding how to work with them in ways that make the best of everybody’s contribution.
Spotting new opportunities and knowing how to assess those. To present them in a way that will allow others to understand them and their benefits.
Taking your own ideas forward, through research and through networking, and contributing to the development of ideas.
Utilizing the imparted education to lead fulfilling lives and to help the respective communities to do the same.
We have worked hard to design not just our courses but also the way we teach and support your learning to give you every opportunity to use your learning and develop your skills and knowledge, while you’re with us.

Well, you can expect to work with others throughout your time with us -on projects and in the classrooms. You’ll work on your presentation and persuasion skills in formal and informal situations. Whichever course you choose, we can promise you plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and abilities as well as your knowledge. The success of our graduates is the measure of our success, and we’ve got plenty of success to share with you. When you graduate from KINGSTON, you will be a confident thinker, determined creator, flexible collaborator, and ambitious enquirer.

Yes, as the top best paramedical college in India, we make sure our students study well and cover all aspects of learning. We provide industry visits which offer students opportunities to learn practicalities via interaction, working processes and employment practices. Further, it gives students exposure from a college learning point of view. So, if you have any queries related to practical learning and academics at KIIMS Dehradun, feel free to reach us today.


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