B.Sc Radiology & Imaging Technology

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Radiography is an art and science which involves the medical imaging of patients to produce a radiograph for the diagnosis of disease. A radiologist is a physician who is also an imaging expert with specialized training in obtaining and interpreting medical images obtained by using x-rays (radiographs, CT, fluoroscopy) or radioactive substances (nuclear medicine) or by other means such as sound waves (ultrasound) or the body’s natural magnetism (MRI).

The training course at Kingston Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, intends to tackle in a first phase the study of the preparatory disciplines and the biomedical sciences to consolidate the basic knowledge. In this phase the student will also acquire the knowledge of the theoretical and methodological aspects on which the professional activity of the Medical Radiology Technician is based and will begin to carry out the practical activities related to the profession through the internship.

This will be followed by the learning of the other clinical disciplines and in particular the professionalizing ones related to the equipment and techniques included in the various branches of Medical Radiology (imaging, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, health physics), as well as image processing and archiving techniques, both for theoretical and practical aspects. Thanks to the experience of the internship the student will acquire the necessary independence in the application of instrumental technologies in the various areas in which Medical Radiology is articulated.

Course Duration

B.Sc Radiology is a three-year degree course. Radiology involves scanning and taking pictures of the body to diagnose various diseases. The course programme is designed to teach students the different methods of radiographic imaging and extract useful information about a patient.


Candidates wishing to pursue a B.Sc. degree in the field of radiology should have cleared Class 12 in the science stream. Students should have secured a minimum aggregate score of 50 per cent or above in compulsory subjects such as Physics , Chemistry and Biology/ Mathematics.




The top recruiting companies for Radio and Imaging technology candidates are

  • HLL Life Care Limited, 
  • Fortis Hospital, 
  • Max Healthcare, 
  • Hospital, 
  • Holy Family Hospital, 
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

The job profiles for this domain are

  • Medical Advisor, 
  • Lead Medical Image Analysis Scientist, 
  • Marketing Executive, 
  • X-ray Technician, 
  • Imaging Research Assist. Manager, 
  • Radiographer.

The average salary for the candidates is INR 3LPA- INR 20LPA.

Boxes content 

  • Be patient with patients.
  • Medical Advisor, X-ray Technician, Imaging Research Manager, Radiographer

The recruiting sectors are

  • Doctor’s Offices, 
  • Educational & Research Institutes, 
  • Radiology Clinics, 
  • Hospitals, 
  • Diagnostic Centers.


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