B.Sc Optometry

Optometry is a healthcare profession that is specialized and exclusively deals with examining and evaluating the eyes and other related parts of the eye for their defects and abnormalities. So, for you to learn more about B.Sc optometry and build a career out of it, it is important to look at the career guide of KIIMS Dehradun. Get yourself enrolled in the best paramedical college in Dehradun. We have been helping students in finding their passion and making a career out of it. Our staff who are highly professional will guide you through the process and pursue the career path in a very specific manner in the industry. 

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What Is B.Sc Optometry? 

If are you interested in opting for Optometry but are not sure about the career options and the course details, then you are at the right place. In this, we are going to explain everything in detail about optometry and how this can work for you. 

  • BSc in Optometry is an undergraduate course that is specialized in dealing with eye care, abnormalities and visual defects. 
  • BSc in optometry is a 3-year course that has 6 semesters. Getting admission to a renowned college like KIIMS Dehradun will be extremely helpful. 
  • This involves examining as well as assessing the abnormalities or any other defects of the eyes or any other part of the eyes. 
  • The BSc optometry syllabus includes the subjects that include the Anatomy and physiology of the eye, refraction and optics and also visual perception. The following are the subjects in this course:
    • Ocular pharmacology 
    • Orthoptics
    • General physiology 
    • Hospital procedures 
    • Low vision aids 
    • Ocular physiology 
    • Geometrical optics 
    • Vision theory 
    • Nutrition 
    • Dispensing optics 
    • Clinical Optometry 

Why Is It Important To Choose BSc Optometry? 

Choosing optometry is the best career option that you can choose for yourself. If you are interested in obtaining extensive training as well as ready to gain medical knowledge about the human eye, it is important to get a proper degree for that. This course will help you understand how one can operate various medical equipment that plays a huge role in identifying eye defects and abnormalities. As a practitioner or an optometry student, it is majorly important to get a proper idea of how all these work. Hence you need to take up an optometry course. Other reasons will support the idea of taking up this course as your career path:

  • After graduation, one can upskill and provide various treatments for eye-related abnormalities and diseases. 
  • With hands-on training and opting for periodic field visits, you can understand the diverse aspects of optometric practices and also gain knowledge about binocular vision diseases related to the eye and the treatments. 
  • This course will help you in landing a high-paying job. A person can also establish a firm where you can work on your own. Be it a clinic or an optical shop, one can have multiple streams of income.
  • The scope and growth prospects for optometry are high in India as well as abroad. Since it is dynamic, you can expect diverse options in the future. 

If you want to know more about BSc optometry’s scope, our career guide will help you understand things better. 

Here Is How A Student Can Get Eligibility For BSc Optometry 

For a person to enroll for the BSc in Optometry course, the candidate should meet the eligibility criteria. Only then he/she is considered an eligible candidate. The following are the criteria that a person should fulfil in order to get admission: 

  • The candidate should complete their 10+2 with minimum marks required from a recognised education board be it SSC or CBSE. 
  • He/she is expected to secure 50% in the PCB/PCMB/PCM group. This will give the candidate fulfil an eligibility criteria. 
  • Certain colleges will conduct an entrance test for the BSc in Optometry, for which you need to crack the examination. 
  • The process of selection can vary from one college to another, certain colleges will consider the aggregate score of the 10+2 as well as the entrance exam. 
  • There is also an age limit, where the minimum age limit of the candidate is 17 years by the time of admission, while there is no maximum limit. 

If you want to know more about the eligibility and other factors that might influence it, feel free to reach out to us. 

Know The Reasons Why Opting For BSc Optometry Is Good For You

Still, looking for the reasons to choose a BSc in optometry or not? Worry not, we are here to provide you the exceptional details about its benefits and all the possible reasons that could justify your decision-making: 

  • Good Job Opportunities: you can get a wide range of job opportunities. Upon completion of the course, one can get a decent job, as:
    • Optometrist 
    • Sales Executive 
    • Optician 
    • Teacher
    • Optometry researcher 
  • You can also establish an independent practice by starting your own clinic an optical shop or even a lens-manufacturing unit. The options are endless. 
  • Students who are willing to go for higher education can also go for an MSc and a PhD.
  • One can also assist ophthalmologists in hospitals or in optical establishments. 

Without any confusion, you can simply opt for this course and you will be on the right path to achieve your dream career. 

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