BSc Medical Microbiology

If you are interested in learning about the clusters of microscopic animals and the unicellular structures, then taking up BSc medical microbiology is the best option for you. Start your career by learning more about microscopic animals like fungi, bacteria, viruses and other animals. KIIMS Dehradun is the most renowned college for microbiology. Get yourself enrolled in this course and pave the right path for your career. This course will also help you in understanding the importance of these animals and their effects on the human body as well as the environment. BSc medical microbiology subjects include both theoretical and practical ones. So you get exposure from both. 

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What Is BSc Medical Microbiology? 

  • Microbiology is an important branch of science that deals with microorganisms and the prime focus is on studying their functionality and physiology. 
    • It is a three-year course that includes studying and experimenting with microorganisms and the way they affect humans. 
    • In recent years, there has been a humongous increase in the diseases and the rate at which they spread. For instance Covid-19 and the outbreak it has caused. Such instances will increase the likelihood of people choosing microbiology. 
    • The complexity in the microorganisms’ structure and their functioning can only be studied under a microscope. So there is a dedicated course that is Microbiology, which specifically focuses on this. 
  • BSc medical microbiology subjects include a wide range of topics that are specific to each microorganism. The subjects include: 
    • Biostatistics 
    • Mycology
    • Industrial Microbiology 
    • Genetics 
    • Taxonomy 
    • Medical Microbiology 
    • Environmental Biotechnology 
    • Microbial Biotechnology 
    • Computational biology and Bioinformatics 
    • Biomathematics 

Why Is It Important To Choose BSc Medical Microbiology?

Microbiology study is crucial as it helps in analyzing and understanding the characteristic features of microorganisms as well as their behavior. This helps in identifying the possibilities of attaining diseases and also can find the cure for the same. So, with this demand, the number of people who perform research on microorganisms will spike. Hence, choosing BSc in microbiology is ideal, in case you are uncertain on which course to take up. 

This course also plays a prominent role in aiding the evolution of microbiology by developing antibiotics, and vaccines, and also treating various other infectious and dreadful diseases. As the chances of identifying new diseases and treatments for these is a never-ending challenge, the researchers will often find the most reliable ways to break the cycle. In such scenarios, students with microbiology are of great importance. Various technologies and tools such as 

  • Serological assays
  • Culture techniques
  • Microscopy 
  • Other molecular methods that will help in diagnosing infectious diseases

All these techniques and methods will be taught to the students for understanding about the wide variety of microorganisms. 

Here Is How You Can Get Eligibility For BSc Microbiology

In order to enroll for BSc medical microbiology, one should meet the eligibility criteria which includes 

  • The student should complete the Indian school certificate examination or should have an equivalent 10+2 secondary examination right after 12 years of study. 
  • Specifically with the 2 years of the program including biology, physics and chemistry. Along with this, there should be English as a mandatory subject
  • The candidate is considered eligible only if he/she has passed each of the above-mentioned subjects and also have a minimum of 50% marks. 

For further clarification, feel free to reach out to our helpdesk, we will be more than happy to assist and guide you. 

Below Are The Reasons That Will Help You Understand The Importance of Opting BSc Medical Microbiology 

If you are someone who is interested in taking up the course but is not sure about the opportunities you hold after the completion of the course, you can hear it from us. Microbiology is rapidly growing and holds a lot of importance. In addition to the growth prospects, there are many other reasons why choosing Microbiology can be beneficial to you. In the current scenario, Healthcare alone accounts for 10% of the GDP, in the majority of the developed countries. Hence it is considered the fastest-growing industry. This will enhance the opportunities and growth prospects for students from medical backgrounds. 

Candidates who are studying in this course can get a wide variety of job opportunities and the career path will be laid out in a way that you get to choose your future. Microbiology study covers a wide range of topics and offers a wide variety of benefits. The following are the reasons for you to opt for this course: 


  • Various Career Opportunities: By taking up this course, one can get exposure to a wide variety of microorganisms and their functioning. Hence you can get different job roles such as 
      • Musicologist
      • Virologist 
      • Bacteriologist
      • Microbiologist 
  • Find Jobs in Various Industries: Taking up this course will open doors for a wide variety of industries such as 
      • Food industries 
      • Beverages industries 
      • Labs 
      • Hospitals, etc 
  • Further Studies: You can also choose to study further. Focus on research and development, that will bring work opportunities that are global. This includes both national and internal opportunities depending on your skill set. 
  • Flexibility: Taking up this course also offers flexibility, with respect to choosing your future. You can either choose to work in the field that interests you or you can also opt to take up higher education that gives you global exposure as well. 
  • High-paying Jobs: On average the candidate who has completed their undergraduate course in BSc medical microbiology can earn a good amount. The salary might range somewhere between 6-10 lakhs per annum depending on the job you secure. 

Do yourself a favor by making this course your career option, you will thank yourself later. To know more about growth prospects and career opportunities, you can reach out to us. 

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