We know that the BSc Nursing course has progressed significantly over time. Medical practitioners and nurses are in high demand these days. In the previous 1.5 years, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of the healthcare profession. As well as the impact that proper and timely care can make. This is why nursing courses have become such a popular professional path.

If you’re a kind person who enjoys caring for others, has great problem-solving abilities, and can remain cool in stressful situations, a career in nursing is for you! If you are searching for the best BSc nursing in Dehradun, Kingston Imperial Institute Dehradun is the best college in Dehradun

What is BSc Nursing?

BSc Nursing is a 4 years degree program comprising 8 semesters, which prepares graduates qualified to practice nursing and midwifery in various settings in either public/government or private healthcare sectors. It adopts a credit and semester system per the authority guidelines with minor modifications suitable to professional education in a hybrid form. The program encompasses foundational, core and elective courses. The choice-based system only applies to electives and is offered as modules. 

Why is BSc Nursing Important?

Nursing is a crucial part of the healthcare business. It includes promoting good health, preventing illness, providing regenerative care, and elderly care, caring for the mentally and physically ill, and caring for those with disabilities.

A nurse’s responsibilities include assessing responses to treatment delivered to an individual. They also allow the individual to engage in everyday activities that will lead to a quick recovery or a dignified death.

It also includes attending to the individual’s medical needs and offering them encouraging words to boost their willpower. They are eager to provide care and support if they are dealing with a serious sickness. 

Eligibility of BSc Nursing

To be eligible for enrollment, the candidate must have completed the Indian School Certificate Examination or an equivalent 10+2 secondary examination after 12 years of study, with the last 2 years of study including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, along with English as a compulsory subject. Additionally, the candidate must have passed each of these subjects individually and obtained a minimum of 50% marks. 

Why Should One Opt for BSc Nursing As a Career Option?

A Nursing course will prepare you to function to your full potential in a variety of situations. It will also prepare you to nurse patients of all ages. But why would you pursue a career in this field?

According to recent assessments, the global healthcare business was worth $8 trillion in 2018. In other words, healthcare alone accounts for 10% of the GDP in certain developed countries. It is expected to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with endless prospects for medical students. 


One of the most tempting aspects of a nursing career is its flexibility. The numerous forms of work schedules can readily accommodate a variety of family-oriented and individual lifestyles. Many nurses are parents who make use of flexible scheduling options to reduce childcare costs. Others will combine working days to enjoy more spare time without taking paid time off.

Growth and Versatility

Another reason to consider nursing is the variety it offers. Nurses may start their careers in one area of healthcare and eventually retire in another. Nurses can pursue a range of paths that meet practically every requirement at any time of life.

Nurses do not necessarily work in hospital emergency departments, operating rooms, or medical-surgical units. They also manage busy medical offices, triage phone calls at children’s hospitals, give vaccines in rural mobile clinics and assist patients with physical and psychological rehabilitation. 

High Salary

The healthcare industry pays a lot and BSc nursing is not an exception. The concept of lay-off is not a case in the BSc course, because hospitals never take job-cutting measures and lay off nurses. Moreover, nurses are paid much more, and the starting salary can range between 4-5 lakh per annum. On average nurses can earn up to 5-10 lakh per annum and an experienced nurse can earn more than 15-20 lakh per annum. 

Respectful Work

Nursing is one of India’s most esteemed jobs. Without the assistance of nurses, hospitals and medical institutes in India and other nations struggle to function. The fundamental rationale is that nurses are the backbone of the medical industry since they not only care for patients but also handle several administrative responsibilities that would be difficult to complete without their assistance. Furthermore, performing the work with sensitivity, attention, and expertise requires a great deal of patience.

Global Recognition

Not to forget about the demand for nursing around the world. If you complete your BSc in nursing you can get an opportunity in other countries as the healthcare industry seeks for nurses. It gives you job security, personal growth, and new experiences. One can immerse themselves in various cultures and healthcare systems.

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Summing Up!

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