The Institute is place of knowledge, innovation and enterprise. We pride ourselves on these three tenets. They underpin our strategies in learning and teaching, in research, and help us to engage with the business world

We are committed to being:
1. An agent for social inclusion and change
2. An arena for the development of ideas and critical thinking
3. A strategic force driving educational and cultural strategy for the city and region
4. An educational hub supporting the economy through employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, knowledge transfer, research and development

Through Knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise we aims to transform the lives of those who engage us. We want Students to remember us for providing them with an experience that ensures they are ready for the business world of tomorrow. Businesses to come back to us, because we provide solutions tailored to help them sustain themselves and Partners: will be surprised at our ability to reach into their businesses and provide routes to mutual success. The institute’s vision is to be responsive and integrated for the global communities it serves. Through our blend of learning and teaching, innovative research and business support, we aim to create our own place as a global provider of entrepreneurial education.