BSc MLT College in Dehradun| Syllabus, Admission & Salary 

Begin your career by taking the admission for a course that is highly recommended. We are talking about BSc MLT – Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology. If you are looking for the best options to build a career path that will help you land your dream job, you need to check out BSC MLT course details, this will give you a great perspective on why opting for this course can be beneficial to you. KIIMS Dehradun is the most renowned college in Uttarakhand that helped thousands of students achieve their dream careers. This course which is also famously known as Clinical Laboratory Science is going to be the best for you! 

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What Is BSc MLT?

BSc MLT is a three-year degree course that is offered to students who will get exposure to diagnosis, cure/treatment, as well as the prevention of diseases using clinical laboratory tests. 

  • This is one of the most decent and finest in-demand courses that a candidate can get into. If you are someone interested in getting into the healthcare sector, then you should not leave this opportunity. 
  • In this program, the students use cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation that have a laboratory setting that helps to discuss diagnose, cure as well as stop diseases from getting worse. 
  • There has been a drastic growth in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology, with the increase in diseases, there comes the need for the identification of new variants and how they are going to impact mankind. Because of this, there has been a humongous demand for this course in recent times. 
  • For a candidate to execute substantial laboratory tests, this degree will help equip them with the best skills and give them a proper knowledge of all the equipment and advanced technologies. 
  • This course will give you both practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Hence you will be able to understand the subject in a better way. 

Why Is It Important To Choose BSc MLT? 

BSc MLT is offered by colleges that are authorized and only a few are worth studying at! Getting yourself enrolled in the best college is something that will pave the path for your future. 

  • Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology is the best course for you in case you are looking to get skilled in this stream. 
  • Graduates will go through rigorous training and will be ready to take up any kind of tasks related to the equipment. This course will prepare you to work most efficiently. 
  • If you consider any kind of medical activity, a medical lab technician plays a huge role. Hence the requirement for such a position is often high. 
  • This course will also enable you to handle and work with some of the most advanced equipment that will help in performing the most accurate examinations.
  • After completion of this course, the student will have the freedom to choose their job according to their area of interest. You can either opt to work in educational institutions, or governmental hospitals or even run laboratories on your own. 

Here Is What The Course Consists of:

This is a 3-year course that consists of 6 semesters. Each of these has various subjects that will focus on various aspects. Some subjects focus on cytology, biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology, also some subjects are specifically dedicated to laboratories and the equipment used in them. 

If you want to know what the BSc MLT syllabus is going to look like, we are here to help you out. It consists of subjects like: 

  • Human Anatomy 
  • Human physiology 
  • PC software lab 
  • Health education and health communication 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Biomedical waste management 
  • Pathology 
  • Clinical haematology 
  • Microbiology 
  • Immunology and serology 
  • Histopathology 
  • Clinical enzymology and automation 
  • Diagnostic cytology lab 
  • Advanced diagnostic techniques lab 
  • Diagnostic molecular biology 
  • Clinical endocrinology and toxicology 

BSc MLT Course Admission Procedure 

  • Getting admission for a BSc in MLT can be a bit challenging because of the demand. It usually consists of an entrance test conducted by the college or university. They have the right to grant admission to the course directly. Marks obtained can be the determining factor for a candidate to secure a seat in a college. 
  • Merit-Based: Once you apply for admission to the desired college, you will now be asked to attend the selection process that will be held by the college committee. 
  • Prior to this, they released a merit list that consisted of the names and ranks of the candidates. These are calculated based on their academics. 
  • Then comes the counseling rounds where the candidate can select the course that they want to study and also the college they want to study at. 
  • Considering the rank of the candidate, and the availability of the seats in that particular college, the seat will be allowed to the candidate. 
  • Entrance-Based: if it is entrance-based, the candidate should apply for the entrance test in the respective college. 
  • Then he/she should attend the exam on a specific date. 
  • The exam body will then release the scores and ranks of the candidates. 
  • After this, the candidates will now be able to secure the seat depending on the norms of the regulating body. 

Jobs And Salaries 

If you are still uncertain about the future and securing the job, you can now have a chance to know more about it. In this guide, we will help you in understanding the job roles and the BSc MLT salary that you might get once you complete your course. The jobs that you can end up with after completing BSc MLT

  • Medical Record Technician – INR 4.3-4.5 lakhs PA
  • Laboratory Manager-INR 3.5 lakhs PA
  • Medical Officer-INR 5.2 Lakhs PA 
  • Lab assistant-INR 2.5-3 Lakhs PA 


Many times students often end up with ambiguity and don’t always have confidence in the path that they choose. But if you are opting for a BSc in MLT, you don’t have to worry about that. Your future will be secured for sure. Your job roles will always be in high demand and have a positive impact on people’s health while improving the quality of their lives. Here is the scope, you can be: 

  • CT scan technicians 
  • MRI technicians 
  • X-ray Technicians 
  • Medical officer 
  • Lab Assistant 
  • Laboratory testing manager 
  • Research Associate 
  • Dental machine technician 
  • Radiology technician 
  • Pathology technician

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Here Is The Brief On Why Choosing Our College Is The Best Option 

KIIMS Dehradun can be the best option if you are in doubt. Ours is a highly reputed Paramedical college in Uttarakhand that has helped thousands of students to get their dream job. If you need help with the same you can reach out to us at (+919105055701). 


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