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It’s an open secret that the healthcare system is booming and the demand for paramedical courses is significantly increasing. Considering this you need to make the right choice by choosing the best college to get your career started. Pave the right path by selecting the KIIMS Dehradun, which is highly driven to shape your career in the right way. Our college is known for its commitment, passion and innovation combined will help in leading our students to reach their goals and aspirations. 

Further, our curriculum provides a promising way to achieve the goals of a diverse group of candidates who are meant for great milestones. To opt for the one that suits your profile and interest, it is important to check the Paramedical courses list. In this article, we provide you with all the necessary details and information related to the course. 

In case you are interested in knowing more about paramedical courses, you are in the right space. Because Kingston Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences Dehradun (KIIMS) has been recognized as the best college for paramedical courses. You will know more about it as you follow us along! 

What Are Paramedical Courses? 

The paramedical course is considered to be a highly recommended and versatile academic program that helps in getting the training and practical exposure to the students who are into medical support services, who are meant to be working under or for healthcare facilities. 

  • Many colleges in India offer a wide variety of Paramedical courses that can provide diverse job opportunities to both postgraduates as well as graduates.
  • Multiple sectors are associated with it, people who have completed their Paramedical course will be eligible to work in sectors like:
    • Pharmacy
    • Nursing 
    • Dental hygiene
    • Lab technology 
    • Radiography, etc
  • This course especially focuses on both practical training as well as theoretical knowledge. This helps the candidates in getting enough awareness about the professions like:
    • Optometry
    • Nursing
    • Radiology
    • Medical Laboratory Technology
    • Physiotherapy, etc 
  • The professionals who have completed their Paramedical courses will now be eligible to assist the medical staff. To get there, you can choose one of the courses our college has to offer:
    • D.Pharma | B.Pharma | LE
    • B.Sc Nursing
    • B.Sc Optometry | BMLT | BRIT | BPT
    • B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology 

Why Is Taking Up a Paramedical Course Important? 

Paramedical courses after the 12th are highly advisable as a great career option. Because this helps in getting the specialization for the students in their mainstream of interest. Students usually prefer to take up these courses right after the completion of their respective undergraduate degrees. After that, depending on their area of interest, taking Paramedical courses can help them work in their particular area of interest. This will eventually help in their potential career growth.

Career options are highly versatile and flexible, for instance, if a student wants to opt for a pharmacy course they have the opportunities to work in Research and development (R&D), medical coding, medical services, clinical data management, drug regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and could also work hospital and clinical pharmacist. The options are endless. This way there are multiple job opportunities for other Paramedical courses as well. 

Here Is How You Can Get The Eligibility For Paramedical Courses

In order to take up the course, one should have Paramedical admission from a renowned college. For this, there are certain eligibility criteria that a student should fulfil.  

  • The candidate should be from a science background, which means he/she should be from the BiPC stream. The student should complete their intermediate without fail. 
  • The candidate should secure a minimum of 50% in science subjects that include Biology, Physics and chemistry in their intermediate (10+2). 

These are the basic eligibility criteria for opting for Paramedical courses. It can vary from one course to another, depending on the course that you are looking to get into! Feel free to attend the Paramedical counseling in case you have further doubts.  

Here Is Why It Is Crucial To Opt for Paramedical Courses As Your Career Option

Paramedical courses can be one of the best options you have out there next time MBBS. Not only does this course offer you practical proficiency, but it will also provide you with theoretical knowledge. On top of this, the courses are quite affordable. The duration of the courses might vary depending on the one that you choose. In addition to this, the Paramedical courses can be of different types: 

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Undergraduate 
  • Postgraduate 

There are several reasons that will help you in making the right decision of choosing the Paramedical courses. After knowing these you will be able to opt for the best course that aligns with your interests. 

  • High-paying Jobs: The healthcare industry in general is known for its pay and the professions involved in it are no exception. A candidate who has completed the course can opt for a career that aligns with their profile and can secure a good-paying job. On average a student who has completed their graduation can easily earn up to 6-10 lacs per annum depending on the way they perform in their interviews. With experience, the salary only gets better. 
  • Quite Versatile: With a wide variety of career options, you can opt for any job depending on your area of interest. Unlike any other field, where there will be restrictions for growth, paramedics in healthcare can opt for highly versatile jobs. Depending on the practical exposure and technical advancements, one can make a career switch if they want to! 
  • Compliant Work: Paramedical jobs are the most esteemed ones, that are highly preferred by the students with science background. It’s because of the respect that they get in their jobs. The chances of getting laid off or job-cutting measures are almost null, because they play a pivotal role in the overall functioning of a healthcare facility. 
  • Flexibility: With busy schedules and the fast pace of life, it is an additional benefit if we have the chance to have flexibility in our work schedules. Paramedical professionals often have the flexibility of shifts depending on their individual lifestyles and the requirements of the family. There are certain jobs that can be done remotely as well such as remote clinics where the patients can be assisted over phone calls, etc. 

What Makes KIIMS The Best Choice for Paramedical Science Courses?

In case you are looking for the best guide for Paramedical courses, you can definitely reach out to us. You can kick-start your career with the best guidance from our expert faculty. Kingston Imperial Institute of Medical Sciences Dehradun (KIIMS) is here to offer the best paramedical course options for you and will shape your career in the best way possible. To join this journey contact us at +91 9105055700 right away!


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